5 steps to take the best of your 3D Visualizer

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Considering to hire a 3D visualizer for first time? Or you have already used such services, but you are not fully satisfied? Here are some tips on how to take the best from your 3D visualizer for your next project.


Let’s start with the start – order on time. You know how much important is for your marketing to have the best 3D images and to have them on time, so let the visualizer put your project in his schedule as early as possible. Artistic work should not be done under pressure and the good professionals don’t usually stay without work, so the early order will allow you to use the good professionals and to receive a work done patiently and with attention to all small details.

Give the full information and requirements from the beginning. Here are the most typical details to provide:

  • Full set of architectural plans;
  • List of specific materials, furniture, decorations, plants, humans etc. with relevant information about them. Note, if you need the provider to help you with choosing the right elements, then you’d better work with qualified interior designer or architect (depending on the type of project), who provides also 3D rendering services and not only a 3D Visualizer.
  • Any specific details you need to be featured in the renderings e.g. nice view, luxury materials/furniture etc.;
  • Specify the views to be rendered;
  • Day time for lights in the scenes;
  • The resolution needed for the images and the planned usage (print, web or other);
  • The deadline for the finals;
  • The quality of visualizations wanted – best if you show examples of other renderings, which refer to your expectations.

Discuss the process of work and agree on check phases, at which you will be able to review the work and give early feedbacks. Normally there should be at least three check phases:

  • When the 3D scene is build and the camera views settled;
  • After setting the lights and applying the main materials;
  • Next one should be the pre-final low resolution image, with the added decoration details, plants, surrounding objects etc. For larger projects, more stages should be scheduled.
  • These will allow you to be informed with the progress and if any corrections needed to ask for them on time, so that no big changes will follow in the end.

Agree on number of revisions you are allowed after the pre-final rendering is done. This will give you the option to make some final touches, to ensure you get the max of your project.

Clear and frequent communication with the provider, through all the stages of the project, will ensure the best results for you.

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