How to select the right 3D Visualizer for your project

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In business today we all seek to ensure our customers’ satisfaction. And as a property developer, general contractor, realtor, architect, interior designer or any other professional in the fields of architecture and construction, probably you will agree that one of the biggest challenges is helping the clients to visualize your designs, the plans of the project and to clear their own ideas. So here’s why choosing the right provider for the 3D visualizations that will present the designs not only with an architectural accurateness, but also as inspiring images, which will help the clients fall in love with your project. As this is a very important decision, here are some tips on how to select the provider that will best fit yours and your clients’ needs.

Type of services the 3D visualizer provides

Either you need a single shot of house or a full set of renderings for a huge complex including 3D animation, or you need a combination of design and rendering services, you have to check that the company provides all the services required for your project.

A large company, a smaller one, or a freelance visualizer

You should decide this depending on the size of project of course and of course on your preferences to be served by a large company or to receive more personal attention to your project by a smaller provider.

If you choose the large company it is important to check the exact person that will work on your project and who will communicate with you.

For the small company and freelancers don’t forget to ensure that the scope of work is a fit to their capacity and the work will be delivered on time.

Experience& qualification

The largest portfolio – the widest experience of course is mostly used formula, but it is not always the right one. You can meet a provider, who is well experienced worked as an employee in any design/visualizing company, but has only now turned to self-employed, so doesn’t have a large enough own portfolio for showing. So you can get a good mark for the real experience by discussing with the providers your project, the questions they ask about it, and also the details they will give you about their process of work – this is a great indicator about the realqualification of the provider.

If you consider hiring a provider, who seems to be less experienced, but you feel like this may be the right choice for you, then I highly recommend to ask for a paid test render of a very small part of the project. This will give you the best answer about the visualizer’s capabilities.


Choosing a renderer only by their costs is definitely not a good idea, but as budgets are always limited, here are few checks you should do to make the right choice:

  • Compare the services included in the proposal as well as the number of reviews and changes you are allowed to make;
  • Cost is usually a reference for a level of quality, so if it is too low better check again the portfolio and ensure you are not choosing the lowest quality;
  • Cost often refers also to the size of companies and their locations. The choice from large company to a freelancer we already discussed, so now the location is the matter. As the 3D visualization services are 100% available to order, proceed and deliver through internet, you are practically free to choose a provider from any part of the world, having the chance to work with very talented and enthusiastic visualizers and many different costs, which are variable depending on their location. So you have the chance to choose the one you feel will give you the best service for you, and also will fit your budget.


Deadlines are always a factor in all businesses and to avoid delays, better stay away from the poles:

  • Too short term: either you are dealing with a not enough experienced provider, who cannot correctly calculate the time needed for the project or somebody who doesn’t work on any other project currently. In both case this seems to be not the right specialist.
  • Too long term: Again this is either a professional who cannot correctly calculate the time needed for the project or in this case someone who is overloaded with other projects. And you don’t need an inexperienced visualizer, neither one who is overloaded, as even if the term he gives you is within your deadline, you still have a big chance to miss it, as any of the projects that are on the line before yours may have some complications and this will logically cause a delay to your project.


In any field of services communication is the key to success. And assuming you are a professional, who is going to use 3D visualizing services on a regular basis, this gives the good communication even higher importance. So you need a provider that you feel comfortable to work with, you understand each other quickly, who is attentive to your needs and in short you feel you are going to be a good team.

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