Interior Designer: Galya Itzkowich

Here, at Inspiria Interiors we are forever inspired by the timeless elegance and style of the Hamptons, New York.

For the renovation of this Australian home we have designed a classic façade with stone columns in natural light beige and taupe combination for the plaster and cladding that reflects the calm coastal air of the interior. To jazz up the elevation, we have added a pergola at the front of the house, just beside the main entrance. Who said pergolas are only for backyards?! Mounted over the doorway and extended to the far left of the house, it really adds up flourish to the otherwise traditional exterior. The white woodwork for the window frames, terasse railing and pergola maintain the uncluttered demeanor of this classy façade.

The inner kitchen follows the same alluring Hamptons style.

The floor is wooden with worn out look. The space was designed with four kitchen sections according to their function – cooking section, washing section, storage and prep section. All four sections can be used independently and are designed in the most inviting manner for all family members to take and be part of the feast. That is possible thanks to the big kitchen island in the middle with high sitting extension with bar chairs, that facilitates preparing the dinner or just keeping company to the host while nibbling on crackers over a glass of wine. The extended area is decided in old rough rural look to contrast the clean cut of the work top in white granite. There are 3 industrial style lights over the island adding flair to the area.

The washing section is positioned under the folding windows that look out to the porch. That gives better lighting on the inside part and easier serving. On the outer side of the folding windows there is again a high sitting area that is favored at parties.

The storage section has both visible and closed spaces. White wooden cabinets that extend to the ceiling and white shelves keep things nice and simple and everyday dishes handy.

The porch area is connected to the inner kitchen via French style windows and the folding windows over the washing section that makes the two spaces easily merge into one on warm days.

There is also an outer kitchen with wash basin and barbeque, perfect for no-fuss grilling on a relaxed evening. It is again complimented with white wooden cabinets and white granite work top. The floor is stamped concrete in sand color with rough stone effect.

The furniture is designed to secure a leisurely stopover. The natural faded wood tables with armchairs and benches with white comfortable soft seats and backs add to the airy charm of that enviable outdoor living space. The decorative pillows bring hints of color in blue and turqouise.

The outer fireplace and built-in TV set are covered in faded brown granite and encourage lounging on the porch even on crispier days.