“Should I hire an Interior Designer?”

If you are planning a home renovation or moving to a new home and need to design and furnish it, the first thing to consider is whether to hire a professional Interiorplanning Designer.

If so, be aware that the relationship is, by its very nature, intimate. Given this, you reap immeasurable benefits by inviting this person into your life.

And the first one of course is the personal attention. Your home should be your own kingdom and you will be the queen/ king in there, so you deserve to get the relevant attention and to have a personal designer to create the home, which fully reflects yours and your house mates’ personalities, needs, tastes and gives you the special feeling that this is your Home.

Get the full potential of your space usage – the interior designers are educated and have the skills to transform your room/home in a totally new space. They will create for you a plan which, depending on the needs may suggest wall removals/addition, home extension, a simple furniture rearrangement or designing such that will be more functional and in the end you will have your room/home feeling both comfortable and spacious.

Have you ever been in a doubt of choosing a color for the wall paint or curtains, or else and wondering if it will fit some other elements’ color in the room, or trying to imagine how it will look at the light in your home. For sure youcolor_palette have been in that situation, may be even many times. So the perfect color palette for your home is the next benefit you can take from your interior designer. The eyes of the professional designer are trained to detect so many shades of each color, they easily create successful combinations and they are educated to know not only if these colors look good together, but the most important how they will affect the other colors, how they will be affected by other colors, by natural and artificial lighting and etc. And even more, they know the psychology impact of each color and compose attractive color combinations, avoiding usage of those, which will give us negative feeling and bringing the harmony in by color palettes that provide a specific positive mood as needed – energy, concentration, happiness, peace or other.

Today we are happy to have a great assortment of all kind of materials, furniture and accessories for the interiors, so we can get really anything we want. But is it so simple? Definitely not. Most likely you will need to take a vacation from work and spend it for searching items and looking to fit them to others by style, colors and materials, trying to understand the materials’ specifications and learn which will be the right choice for your needs, not really knowing all the benefits and disadvantages of each option. Then you will need to measure the needed sizes, calculate quantities, organize all the orders and deliveries, and finally to manage all the process of implementation or even DIY. As it looks you will spend a huge amount of time for all this and very possible more money then you’ve planned to, by doing some wrong choices or just not knowing the best sources for purchasing some items. And when you have a career and only a little time left out of your daily duties, an interior designer will be a wise choice. It will help you be in full control of your budget and can surely save for you time and money.lighting

One aspect of interior design that is rarely discussed is that of Interior Lighting. Light fixtures and the quality of light they produce have a direct and dramatic impact on the rest of the room. The lighting of items in a room is important. Lighting can make or break a design. It takes years of studies and experience to understand how to use both direct and indirect lighting, cold and warm lights and to use artistic lighting effects. If lighting is important to you, be sure to work with a designer to create a stunning lighting to complement your interior.

Wondering how the designer will know what you like?

May be you won’t be happy with the design you will receive? No worries! The good designers/design firms are working in a close relation with the client, giving you updates on the designs they make for you with the chance to make changes in the process of work. The best option, of course, is to provide you with 3D photorealistic visualizations of the designs, so that you will be able to really feel the interior before its implementation. The contemporary 3D presentations are a great way to avoid any mistakes and disappointments with the new look of your home, which is also a way to save costs of any future re-works.

And the Style. Have you ever been inside a stunning hotel lobby, a fashionable cafe, or perhaps some other interior space that really caught your eye? Do you think all of the design elements of the space happened by accident? Doubtful – in almost all instances a professional interior designer was hired to create the space. So when designing your new home or renovating the existing one, hiring a professional interior designer will help you achieve a great stylish interior, where you will be proud to live and meet your guests!

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