Studio for Sustainable Interiors

Inspiria Interiors is founded in 2013 by Galya Itzkowich as a dedication to her creative drive to beautify her clients’ world. Nowadays the company works with a team of talented designers and is a specialized studio for sustainable interiors. The whole activity is focused on nature and human.

Since the foundation of Inspiria Interiors Galya has designed residential, commercial and public projects worldwide and in Bulgaria of course. The customers’ positive feedback and satisfaction fuels her desire to create and make dreams come true.
Working with clients and professionals from different continents and cultures is both a pleasure and a privilege. It enriches Galya and her projects with knowledge and experience, gathered from all over the world.

sustainable interior for a bedroom, designed by studio Inspiria Interiors

Professional and life visions:

Sustainable interiors through holistic approach

“Nature never breaks her own laws.” – Leonardo da Vinci.

With the time and experience, Galya dares to unite all her life passions namely: Nature-friendly lifestyle, human care, creativity, coziness, aesthetics, functionality and simplicity. This brought the awareness that civilization and nature should merge in the interior of our homes, work and public places so that they don’t harm, but even help and protect each other and at the same time to be useful, to benefit our health, and with no comfort or quality compromises. In addition to fit in both – the simplest and the most sophisticated interiors.

Design for a human – Inspired by you, to inspire you

Galya’s philosophy is that design and in particular the interior should escape the clichés and mass production. Therefore designer’s task is to personalize interiors by focusing on the people. That’s why her main goal is to analyze in details and to feel the interior’s inhabitants – their attitude to life, home, what inspires them, their needs and everything that leads them to fulfil their true self. It doesn’t matter if is a public, commercial or residential interior, the main questions are: “Who will use it? What are their needs? How can the interior enrich it’s inhabitants?”.

About you

People who choose us, realize the impact of the environment we stay in, on personality, and its quality of life and fulfillment. They are aware of their unity with Mother Nature, love her and use her goods with care and respect. People, who are aware of their own individuality and those of others, and the importance of being your true self.

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