Interior Designer & 3D Architectural Visualizer: Galya Itzkowich

For this high-end, elegant design we have combined the classic luxury of the Arab style with the clean-cut decisions of Italian modern design. The lavishness of the used materials is balanced perfectly by the achromatic, calm color palette of the interior. The characteristic for the Arab style intense color combinations are replaced by a variety of beige hues, cream, white and different shades of grey and taupe. All natural sand colors that are typical for the desert, are actually assembled to create an oasis and safe place for its residents.

The atmosphere matters!

The comforting atmosphere of this lush master bedroom encourages and serves all relaxation desires. The wall behind the bed is crafted into a bespoke paneling, upholstered with aged leather in grey-taupe color with partial metalic effect. The opulence of the wall is simultaneously accented and lightened by the circle ornamentation of the bedhead. The circle details are echoed also in the door adornment, the sumptuous crystal ceiling lightning and the coffee table, which top is upholstered with the same leather as the wall. The high-gloss polished granite flooring is enhanced by the patchwork and aged effect of the carpet, which mirrors the leather wall pattern as well.

Designing your dreams starts from designing your bedroom.

The king-size bed is decorated with a velvet cover in taupe and a variety of satin jacquard pillows in different sizes and textures that promote self-indulgent extra hours of sleep and let your cares melt away. But the bed doesn’t get all the glory. It is perfectly complemented by the lounge areafeaturing a quilted sofa covered with white high-glossy, ornamental satin jacquard – an invitation for daytime luxuriating, impromptu sleepover for the little ones or any leisure activity of choice. The sand-taupe wall paper with oriental figural motifs and sand-finished ceiling trimsadd up to the warm aesthetic glow of this space and there is a real danger you will never want to leave your bedroom.