Interior Designer & 3D Architectural Visualizer: Galya Itzkowich

Luxury Contemporary Interior Design That Mirrors the Company’s Identity.

A good commercial design brings beauty to the space, value to the business and joy to the customer. For this high-end retail store, located in South Africa, Galya has combined all of the above to provide a functional and appealing space that is both luxurious and accessible. The interior is modern and bold in unison with the brand’s logo and spirit, yet stylish and elegant. The arresting red color and striking typography of the logo design is perfectly balanced and accentuated by the achromatic background of white and golden-beige walls and functional surfaces. The full height shop-front screens give a good exposure and look inviting from the outside. The color combination, the shining white polished floor tiles and high glossy furniture surfaces create a sophisticated interior, that is luxury and at the same time lively and attractive.

Think Outside The Box?

The main challenge of the design project was to create a solution that can arrange and integrate the multitude of boxes in a way that they remain accessible to the customer and simultaneously don’t interfere with the luxury aesthetic of the interior. That goal was accomplished by converting the shoe boxes into one of the interior’s highlights. The reception/cashier desk, the cabinets and shelves for selected items and new collections are designed into the shape of a shoe box. The standing shelves, planned for showcasing trends and new collections are two sided where the front side, visible from the shop front is for display and the back side is a box storage.

The inner part of this commercial interior is reserved for the clothing section, as the proximity of the changing rooms facilitates a flowing shopping experience to the customers. The bags and other accessories are positioned in various places in the store, tuned in with the collections.