Design of Sustainable Interiors

“I have the pleasure to share my choice since now, all projects, I work on, to be in harmony with my life and professional visions: Design of Sustainable Interiors, through holistic approach and Design for Human – Inspired by you, to inspire you.”


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Design of Sustainable Residential Interiors

The idea of design for human and personalizing the space for whom it’s designed, is most applicable exactly in the residential interiors. Daily we often spend much time in different environments. Sometimes in harmony with us, other not so much. Of course, we need our home to be a part of us. Place which help us to feel back inside ourselves and recharge us with our own energy. The home’s role is helping to the different personal characteristics of family members find their unison. Each of them should have “his place”, but home also support getting closer and harmonizing the individualities.                                        

The ecology of our home interior is the other moment. My personal orientation towards environmentally friendly lifestyle has guided me to help people who love the nature just like me. Who realize their unity with it and want to create a home in unison with this worldview – to feel the presence of nature inside their home and at the same time this won’t harm it, and could even benefit.

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Design of Sustainable Commercial Interiors 

Modern Bakery DesignThe principle of personalizing the spaces are applicable in the design of commercial and public spaces too. Taking into account the variety of needs that different businesses and public organizations have, the individualization is directed towards the cooperative identity, the company’s activity, working process and of course the needs of clients, visitors and employees. Namely the deep insight into these specifics will create an interior which will favor the development of the business or society.

The sustainable design is important also in the public interiors. Often because any law regulations in this direction which the businesses should fulfill. Fortunately, it’s getting more tangible also the conscious choice to conform the business with the nature and even turn its activity towards environmentally friendly lifestyle. Of course here comes the need of suitable interior of the spaces which can match the orientation towards sustainable business.

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Project Supervision

After the design is finished clients can either assign us the realization of the interior or take it up themselves. If they’ve chosen to do it themselves, they have the option/ opportunity to benefit from our additional service author’s supervision. This give them the opportunity to have the designer looking after the execution process and cooperate with instructions, so that the achieved interior will match the project.

Building and Furnishing

The service is only offered for our projects and is not obligatory. The goal is to help our clients, receive accomplished their interior the same as it is designed. Together with to free them up from the pressure of the execution process.

Design Consultations

Following our motto “Design for human”, we will assist you with advices in solving different interior dilemma. The service is available for calls and meetings confirmed in advance, no matter if the case is about assigned to us project or other interior.

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