We all know the lovely emotions of starting a home renovation or designing our new house, and wishing to turn it in to our dream home. But at the same time this is a very difficult mission, taking a huge piece of our time and energy, which brings us to a level of stress and often prevents us from enjoying our new home. For these reasons, Inspiria Interiors’ Residential Design Process is tailored to take the hard part of the job to the professionals, while leaving to you the joy of the shared experiences and the great results we are going to achieve together. ST_ALD_ap.17_cam7Dxs

Want to know more about the Residential Interior Design Process?

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This Guide will help you to:

Prepare the information you need for the First Discussion with your Interior Designer;

  • Better understand the stages of the project and what you should expect from your Interior Designer at each stage;
  • Easily plan the timing for each stage and the whole project;
  • Know what questions to ask the Interior Designer before you hire him/her.

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